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HTML5 미디어 기반 차세대 음악 제작 및 유통 서비스 프로젝트
Interactive Music Studio
☞ The fastest and easiest HTML5 audio based high quality music producing service in the world
Interactive Music Studio can help you to produce your favorite songs very easy with high quality sound. This is an online music producing service that works through your browser. No additional software or hardware is necessary except for an instrument that you play. We are sure that a mixing of recorded sound and a collaboration among members are very exciting and like nothing you've ever experienced. You can enjoy the creative life easy. :)
A Brief Introduction to IMS                           IMS 서비스 요약 소개 (한글)
Now you can make high quality music within 10 minutes by typing texts into a web browser.
If you play an instrument such as a guitar or a piano, you can mix the play sound to the back music.
You can make commercial music by collaboration in SNS.
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