Everyone has at least once thought about making their favorite song into a track or playing an instrument. However, they don’t even dare to try because of a vague fear of music. If you use Mediacast’s revolutionary web platform, portable piano, and online piano method, you can learn music very easily and be able to play your favorite songs in just a month.
Portable Piano
If you have the desire but don’t have the piano to practice, try using our portable piano. With 25 keys, it is perfect for practicing one hand at a time. Small and lightweight, it fits right inside your backpack. When you practice, LED lights inside each key will light up to let you know which keys to press. It doesn’t stop there. By combining two of our pianos, you can get a full piano keyboard of 49 keys. This will allow you to practice both hands at the same time.
Development of the next version is in progress.
Interactive Music Studio
As a platform service, it makes it possible to type in the notes you want as letters in a web browser to get the sound you desire. There are over 100 diverse and real instrument sounds prepared for your use. You can collaborate with internet friends all over the world and mix your own instrument playing and singing to produce your personalized music that can be uploaded onto social networking sites.
EasyPiano for Adults
We help you play piano in a month then mix orchestral sound with it. Let’s make your own music video!
“My lifelong dream of playing hymns on the piano has come true. I am so thankful and happy. I want to play even more songs.” M. Kim (76)
Sheet music
You can download the example file by clicking the image above
The piano is the most in-demand instrument in the world but 85% of students give up in the first year. If you follow the Online Tutor EasyPiano’s instructional method and use 30 minutes to practice everyday for just one month, you will be able to play your favorite songs.
How the Methodology Works
First, left-hand practicing with chord play
Second, right-hand practicing with melody
Third, backing track production thru our app
Finally, play the piano with backing tracks

한 달이면 피아노를 칠 수 있습니다. 튠메이드 프로젝트에서 도전해보세요.
  • (Easy Piano) 기초 연습 코스
  • (Interactive Music Studio) 음악 이론 실습
  • 선생님에게 1:1로 배우는 맞춤형 실전곡 연습
In one month, you can learn to play the piano. Through Tunemade proejct give it a try.
  • (Easy Piano) Basic practice course
  • (Interactive Music Studio) Music theory practice
  • Learn personalized performance pieces through one-on-one online lessons with a teacher.
Business Area Products Service R&D About Us
Market Structure
To provide a platform service, using the key technologies of the 4th industrial revolution such as mergence of the web and the mobile, AI, cloud service technology, which allows internet users to collaborate while easily creating and sharing music on the web or on a mobile device. This allows people to satisfy their personal demand for creation and going one step further, the distribution of recordings and content by professional musicians will form an open social media ecosystem that creates profit.
Business Model (SaaS)
Benefits of Playing the Piano
It becomes possible to interact with other people through music and solve the issue of “social pain” for the vulnerables
By using our program, young students can make music together and have logic training
There is substantial research suggesting there is a positive relationship between mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and playing the piano
Key Technologies
The music conversion engine that is based on the Mediacast web server plays the letters typed in by users as high-quality audio files. It is no longer impossible to make and edit music even if you don’t have instruments or professional songwriting programs and cannot read sheet music. It is also possible to freely edit music created by other people and even add your own instrumental sounds
R&D in progress
Click the image above to see our overall R&D progress. However, please remember that most of the content is written in Korean.
Mediacast, Inc., was founded in 2016 with the business goal of building a next generation global social media platform service that allows anyone to learn and create music. We are a K-Global 300 certified corporation by Korea government and a member of KIC Silicon Valley.
CEO  Seung-taek Yi
He received the BS and MS degrees in computer engineering from Seoul National University. He has researched and developed web based media technologies including video streaming and music composition.